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As Requested...

February 2nd, 2010 at 09:13 am

A few posts back, I mentioned that I was putting together a collection of my favorite recipes to give to my nieces.
Frugalgal suggested that I post some of them.
Before we get to that, let me tell you a story.
Somewhere in New England there are two restaurants in close proximity to one another. One of them, a health food restaurant, put up a sign in front of their door. The sign read, "Eat here and live longer!"
The other restaurant, a barbecue joint, not to be outdone, put up a sign of their own.
It read,"Eat here and die happy!"

Just wanted to let you know, I'm with the barbecue joint.

This is a recipe that I found back in 1998 on a Newsgroup called rec.food.recipes.
African Chicken Stew
Yield: 4 servings
1 Tblsp Oil
1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs(I like to some of each)
1 1/2 C chopped onions
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 28 oz. can whole tomatoes,undrained, cut up
1/3 C creamy peanut butter
1/2 Tsp chili powder
1/2 Tsp salt
1/4 Tsp crushed red pepper flakes, or not
3 C cooked rice
1 C dry roasted peanuts

Heat oil in dutch oven or large saucepan over medium high heat until hot. Cut chicken into one inch pieces. Add chicken, onions and garlic; cook about 5 minutes or until chicken is browned and onions are tender.
Stir in tomatoes, peanut butter, chili powder, salt and red pepper flakes. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer 35 to 45 minutes.
Serve over rice and sprinkle with peanuts.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds yummy!

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